Jan 2019: North Fremont High School Grant

The Henry’s Lake Foundation recently presented a $2000 grant to North Fremont High School for use in their FFA Aquaculture program.

In a statement from the Henry’s Lake Foundation: We are very pleased to work with the faculty, staff, and students of North Fremont High School. Henry’s Lake Foundation looks at this partnership as an opportunity to help the Aquaculture program not only with some financial support but by being able to share our many years of experience and knowledge to advance the learning opportunities of the students.

By supporting programs such as this, the benefits to the Henry’s Lake fishery are immediately recognizable. We are dedicated to see that we can develop the interest of local students to become professionals in the field. Also, to see that the riparian habits of the tributaries are protected and spend considerable time and monies for fencing the tributary streams, screening the irrigation diversions, improving culverts, hardening stream bottoms where cattle water and planting willows. They can now support a growing population of adfluvial fish and more readily serve as nurseries for developing fry. In addition to our natural production project work, we have projects in hatchery production, fisheries management and water quality.