“In The Loop”

Interesting Insights into Henrys Lake and why we love it.

October 2020- The Tradition Lives On.

November 2020- Dry Fly Fishing on Henrys Lake

December 2020-Recap of the 2020 Season

January 2021-Improvements on the Southside of Henrys Lake

February 2021-How I got to Henrys Lake and why I support HLF

March 2021-On the Birding Trail

April 2021-Interesting Reading

May 2021-Inspiration and Gratitude

June 2021- What Lies Beneath

July 2021- It’s Time to Gather

August 2021-A Fishing Report- Or, Just When You Thought You Knew How to Fish Henrys Lake

September 2021-Smoke and Challenging Lake Conditions

October 2021- Winner, Winner Meadow Vue Steak Dinner

November 2021- End of Season Wrap-up

December 2021- As the Year Comes to a Close

January 2022-Times Change, but our Commitment Does Not

February 2022-Hoofprints in the Snow

March 2022-We will not be deterred

April 2022-Mussels on the Mind

May 2022-Henrys Lake Fishing Preview

June 2022-Can We Talk?

July 2022-Eared Grebes at Henrys Lake

August 2022-Good Ol’ Henrys

September 2022-Saving our Native Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout

October 2022-The year of the fungus!

November 2022-Fishing is more than simply the fish

December 2022-Year of the Fungus -Part 2

January 2023-Fabulous News on the Habitat Front

February 2023-We are already planning our annual Fundraiser

March 2023-Keeping up with growth-Can Island Park do it?

April 2023-Fish Habitat Restoration Targhee Creek

May 2023-Annual Fundraiser and Raffle

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