About Us

About Us

This Is Our Passion

We are a small but influential organization that is completely dedicated to preserving the Henrys Lake fishery.

Legacy of Fishing

Henrys Lake is an incredible place that we love. As families and friends, we’ve fished at Henrys Lake for decades. We all look forward to catching the big one. Henrys Lake is the place of many fish stories, and it continues to captivate our fishing imagination. At the Henrys Lake Foundation, we aim to protect that legacy for the generations to come.

Our Mission

To protect and conserve fish and fish habitat in Henrys Lake, Idaho, and its watershed. To promote good sportsmanship, conservation of resources, and recruitment of membership to the organization to further enhance the resources available to protect and improve the habitat of the Lake and its watershed, and the health of the overall fishery.

Our Results

Our past projects have been instrumental in preserving the fishery. One of our largest and most significant projects was the new culverts under Highway 87 for Targhee and Howard creeks in 2005. Over $1,200,000 was raised for that project! Each of these key tributaries supports a large percentage of spawning fish. The old culverts were aged and deteriorated and adversely impacted the migration of spawning fish. Now, migrating fish have been seen above the forks of Targhee Creek, that is over 5 miles north of the lake, deep into the Targhee National Forest!

Many of our projects center around restoring vital fish habitat around the lake, such as restoring late-season flows to the Duck Creek watershed. 

More recently we’ve entered into our first collaboration with the Idaho Department of Fish and Game to do the most extensive scientific study our lake has ever had. Without our sponsorship, projects like these would not be possible.

Before and after results from Duck Creek and Howard Creek

Let’s build something together.

As fellow fishermen, I am sure you’ll agree that it is efforts like these that really make a difference. The long and storied past of the Henrys Lake watershed should be preserved for generations to come. Become a part of this effort and join the Henrys Lake Foundation today.


Richard Hodge


Damon Keen

Vice President

Anna Anderson and Laura Ellsworth


The president and vice president are elected for a term of one (1) year each and also serve on the Board of Directors. Starting in 2013 the foundation made the secretary/treasurer position a paid position.

Board of Directors

Steve Pond
Phil Barker
Charles Friedman
Lynne Hodge
Richard Hodge
Damon Keen
Cheri Poole

Mike Martin
Rick Sitts
Kevin Skenandore
Steve Snipper
Mary Van Fleet
Parmer Van Fleet

Project Partners

The Henrys Lake Foundation assists and coordinates preservation and enhancement projects with a number of County, State, and Federal agencies, the key of which are listed below

Co-operative efforts with non-government organizations have also been conducted with the North Fork Reservoir Company, various land owners, and


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