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Donate Today

Every donation counts.

Help preserve and protect the fish and fish habitat that you love. Our sponsorship dollars directly support projects to protect the fishery and habitat of Henrys Lake. Many difficulties and dangers threaten our wildlife today. Be part of the solution.

Your contributions make our work possible.

Thanks to the Henrys Lake Foundation, culverts have been installed under Highway 87 for Targhee and Howard creeks, greatly aiding the migration of spawning fish. We’re participating in several projects around the lake to restore vital fish habitat, including restoring late-season flows to the Duck Creek watershed. More recently we’ve entered into our first collaboration with the Idaho Department of Fish and Game to do the most extensive scientific study our lake has ever had. Your sponsorship makes projects like these possible.

Donations of any size are greatly appreciated. Henrys Lake Foundation is a nonprofit corporation, 501(c) 3, IRS # 820372189. Your donation is tax deductible pursuant to IRS rules governing charitable contributions.

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  • Mail to:
  • Henrys Lake Foundation,
  • PO Box 319
  • Island Park, ID 83429
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