Nov 2018: Island Park Welcomes New Henrys Lake Fisheries Biologist

The Henrys Lake Hatchery has a new Henrys Lake Fisheries Biologist, Jennifer Vincent. The Idaho Department of Fish and Game hosted approximately 75 people Friday night at the Hatchery facility on Henrys Lake, to meet Jenn and talk fishing. Henrys Lake Foundation and the Drift Lodge helped with the burgers and hot dog dinner including home-made sides and desserts.

Jenn will be responsible for collecting research data on fish and helping develop priorities for various fisheries projects. She will provide information about fish resources, regulations and policies to the public; analyze habitat quality and recommend and implement projects to improve fish habitat, including working with landowners who have streams on their property and want to improve them for fish. Basically, what this all means is she will continue the Hatchery’s efforts to improve fish habitat around Henrys Lake.

Jenn says, “I am really enjoying being up at Henrys Lake and I look forward to continuing to work with landowners and the Henrys Lake Foundation to improve fishing at Henrys Lake.”

Before coming to Island Park, Jenn was a Fisheries Biologist in Ontario, Canada, and she has also worked previously with Idaho Fish and Game, as well as the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. She earned her Master’s degree at Trent University in Canada and her Bachelor’s degree at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology.

Richard Hodge, VP of Henrys Lake Foundation, said, “We have partnered with Fish and Game and the Henry’ Lake Hatchery for many years to improve fishing on Henrys Lake. We welcome Jenn to Island Park and we look forward to working with her and continuing our partnership with Fish and Game on fish habitat improvement projects throughout the lake and its tributaries for years to come.”