Oct 2018: BLM Seeks Public Input on Henrys Lake Recreation Improvements


The Bureau of Land Management of Idaho Falls District is requesting public input on plans for additional recreational access and opportunities on the western and eastern shores of Henrys Lake. Fremont County submitted a proposal to BLM to expand Bill Frome Park, located on the northwest shore of Henrys Lake. As part of a holistic approach to the development, the BLM is also considering how to develop and/or manage public land areas along the lake’s south shore.

“Public input is key at this juncture,” said Jeremy Casterson, Upper Snake Field Manager. “We need assistance from individuals who recreate in that area to help determine how things should proceed.”

As part of the proposal, the BLM has developed several alternatives for both Frome Park and the South Shore. Maps of all eight proposals (Frome Park alternatives A, B, C, D and South Shore alternatives A, B, C, D) and descriptions are available online for public review and comment at the Dept. of the Interior, BLM website: Hard copies are also available at the Upper Snake Field Office located at 1405 Hollipark Dr. Idaho Falls, Idaho 83401.

Henrys Lake is located in the mountains of southeast Idaho, a short half hour from West Yellowstone. This shallow alpine lake has premier fishing and other recreational opportunities “including camping, hiking and wildlife viewing” in close proximity to traditional working farms and ranches. To ensure your comments are included, please provide your responses no later than November 19, 2018. For questions or for more information on the proposal, please contact Monica Zimmerman, Upper Snake Field Office recreation planner at 208-524-7543 or