Feb 2015: IDFG 3-year Fishing Regulation Cycle Scoping Process

The HLF board recently provided input to the IDFG to curtail the ice fishing season and close the tributaries for the next 3 years. We know that this may not be a unanimous request but given the feedback that we have received it certainly appears to represent the majority of our membership. It is important that we take this opportunity to respond to the IDFG since it sets the fishing regulations for the following 3 years.

We encourage everyone who would like to offer their opinion or perspective to contact either Damon Keen or Dan Garren directly. You may recall that the decision to create an ice fishing season was first enacted in 2010. Since that time many anglers have experienced a decline in the number and size of the large hybrid trout. Although there is not absolute proof that the ice fishing has led to the decline in the big hybrids, the foundation board believes that it is contrary to our mission to protect and enhance the fishery of Henrys Lake. After all, Henrys Lake is considered to be a trophy fishery and a fishery like Island Park reservoir may be better suited for ice fishing. We believe that a 3-year hiatus in ice fishing may lead to an increase in larger fish and at a minimum provide the IDFG with another level of data for analysis. Again, we welcome everyone’s input on this very important request.