March 2007:Telemetry Update – Reported by Damon Keen, Asst Henrys Lake Hatchery Specialist, Idaho Dept of Fish

The radio telemetry project was started this winter, thanks to the partnership with the Henrys Lake Foundation and their financial contribution towards the purchase of radio tags.

We currently have 43 fish tagged and have monitored those fish periodically throughout the winter, via snowmobile. Although it’s far too early to draw any conclusions from these movements, the early indicators are interesting. The best descriptor would be to say the fish are scattered, with some moving great distances quite often and others staying “home.”

Stay tuned as we continue to monitor. Dan Garren, our regional biologist is heading up this interesting project. Dan will have the analysis at the conclusion of the project, forecast to end sometime in late fall or early winter (depending on tag life) 2007.

For two short video segments on Henrys Lake, visit this website by Kris Millgate, a reporter for Tight Line Media: The first segment “Spawning Fish 04/18/07” shows the Henrys Lake spawning effort by Idaho Dept of Fish and Game and volunteers. The second segment “Wired Fish 04/25/07” covers the telemetry project.