Projects: 2000-2009

The following summary lists the total dollar amount of yearly funding and the specific projects undertaken for the past 31 years of the HLF existence.

2009 $13,695

Funded one boat inspection/wash station attendant for 2009. Fund visit by Basin Alternative H.S. students to assist at IDFG fish trap. Modular fish screen installed on Stockon property on Targhee Creek.

2008 $36,554

Purchased and installed temp/flow sensors on Targhee, Howard and Duck Creeks. Funding for replacement of culverts on Duck Creek at Red Rock Road. Modular fish screen installed on Cole property on Targhee Creek. Fencing, stream bottom hardening and weir on Empey property on Duck Creek. Purchased new egg separator for fishtrap. Committed funds for recirculation pump purchase and engineering for fishtrap. Installed modular fish screen Clements property on Targhee Creek.

2007 $8,000

Funded fish radio telemetry project to monitor trout migration. Installed modular diversion fish screen on lower Howard Creek. website created to improve communication to public.

2006 $1,650

Grand opening of the new bridges on Hwy 87 over Targhee and Howard Creeks. This 2-year collaborative effort results in the completion of a $1.8mm project to facilitate the upstream passage of spawning cutthroat trout on these 2 critical spawning streams.

2005 $2,300

Because of disappointing results from prior years’ efforts at improving fish passage thru the culverts on Hwy 87 over Targhee and Howard Creeks, the Foundation and numerous other conservation and sportsmen’s groups strategize on the total reconstruction of these bridges.

2004 $5,000

Three fish drums are installed on Duck Creek to improve the downstream passage of fry.

2003 $12,000

The foundation purchases for $6500 sterilization equipment for hybrid embryos which achieves 95% sterilization as opposed to the previous technology’s 80%, thereby allaying fears of cross genetics of hybrids with Yellowstone Cutthroat trout. Funding is committed to the removal of a fish passage obstruction on Duck Creek. An additional grant of $500 is made to High Country cloud seeding. 100,000 sterile brook trout are stocked due to a petition to IDFG by the foundation in 2001 to resume brook trout stocking after a 4-year hiatus.

2002 $1,300

Additional funds are committed to repair the aeration system in Henrys Lake in front of the fishtrap.

2001 $400

Funds are committed for the removal of a fish barrier on Howard Creek.

2000 $0

The foundation formally petitions IDFG to resume brook trout stocking due to improved sterilization techniques.

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