2011 IDFG Henrys Lake Management Plan

2011 Management Plan

In September 2011, several officers and directors of the HLF met with key regional managers of the Idaho Department of Fish and Game to discuss the IDFG's management strategy for the fishery. The meeting was very productive and allowed the HLF to better understand the biological facts that govern the IDFG's management strategy.

The highlights of the meeting included: 1) increased natural reproduction of the Yellowstone Cutthroat trout, 2) recommended study of the growing White Pelican population, 3) recommended study of the growing Utah Chub population, 4) potential introduction of invasive species, and 5) continued focus on riparian habitat improvement and screening of irrigation diversions.

The attached Microsoft Powerpoint presentation (in PDF format) was presented by the IDFG to HLF and was referenced throughout the discussion. With their permission it has been posted here for your review.